The Romantic Movement focused on Individualism, Spirituality, and Beauty. It would praise things form the expanse of natural phenomena such as stunning scenic views and breathtaking sunsets, to the delicate and wondrous first interaction one may have with fireflies.

Romanticism allows one to be swept up by the simplicity and meditative beauty of things like nature, food or art. Good brand strategists and designers are romantics. We work to surpass the mundane- to articulate the beauty of an experience by drawing attention to the smallest of details. Things like meticulously assembling the perfect cocktail or drawing attention to the color palette of a finely crafted meal. We desire for the guest to be enraptured in the moment and captivated by the creation.

When executed correctly, the hospitality and restaurant experience creates an opportunity for us to meditate on Romanticism simply by the display of its artistry. Romeo, aligned with the conceptualization of the Romantic Movement asks: “How can we create breathtaking beauty through branding to inspire our guests and give them a soul-satisfying experience they will never forget?”

-Haylee Powers

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